The term ‘window tint software’ is a blanket term for a range of software solutions and applications employed within the window film sector. This covers everything from plotting cut software and scheduling apps, to customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Tint Wiz exemplifies one of these solutions, being a potent business management platform developed explicitly for window tint businesses.

Tint Wiz offers automation for routine operations, serving as an all-encompassing solution for managing customers, appointments, proposals, invoices, and inventory. All of this is available on any device, be it a phone, computer, or tablet, ensuring your business stays organized and operates efficiently.

Tint Wiz: Free Trial & Wide-ranging Features

Enhancing its appeal, Tint Wiz offers a 30-day completely free trial that provides unlimited usage without requiring any payment details. Simply provide your name and email address to explore the premier window tint business management software at no cost.

Once enrolled, users can access the Tint Wiz app on both iPhone and Android devices, or through the web at

Appointment Scheduling & More

A standout feature of Tint Wiz is its robust appointment scheduling functionality. While other scheduling apps handle basic tasks, Tint Wiz goes a step further by offering a dedicated platform to note job details, dispatch quotes and invoices, upload photos, among other features.

Effortless Quoting & Job Calculation

Tint Wiz also features an intuitive square foot calculator for flat glass window tinting, which automatically calculates window square footage for precise quoting. After you input the number of windows, their width, and height, Tint Wiz carries out swift and accurate calculations, saving you from potential errors and repetitive tasks.

After inputting your measurements, Tint Wiz enables you to seamlessly transition to creating a customer proposal. The software automatically calculates measurements based on the square foot price entered or computes the price per square foot if you provide the final price.

All-in-One Customer Management

A significant feature of Tint Wiz is its comprehensive customer management capabilities. From scheduling appointments, creating proposals, dispatching invoices, managing film inventory, to taking notes, assigning tasks, and storing before/after photos – everything is centralized. The app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play, providing unlimited access at $100/month following the free trial. This includes unlimited staff, projects, quotes, appointment confirmations, proposals, invoices, inventory management, and more, without any contractual commitments.

Window Tint Marketing with Tint Wiz

Tint Wiz not only streamlines operational processes but also doubles as an effective marketing instrument. The software’s Lead Capture function allows users to collate customer data from various sources such as websites, social platforms, or even via QR codes.

Once the lead information is captured, Tint Wiz promptly notifies the business and organizes all customer information for easy access. This feature assists in attracting potential customers while also ensuring top-tier customer service, a priceless asset in the window tinting business.

Inventory Management

Managing film inventory can be a challenging task for window tint businesses. Tint Wiz simplifies this by enabling businesses to manage and monitor their film inventory in real-time. Whether you’re overseeing a single shop’s inventory or multiple locations, Tint Wiz makes it uncomplicated.

The software allows for the straightforward recording of all film usage, including details such as the brand of the film, the type, and the amount used. This aids businesses in maintaining accurate records, minimizing waste, and ensuring their inventory remains optimized at all times.

Data and Analytics

Data is the lifeblood of any successful business. Tint Wiz acknowledges this by providing businesses with insightful analytics. This feature allows businesses to monitor their performance over time, identify emerging trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Businesses can glean substantial information from the data generated on Tint Wiz. From the number of completed jobs and generated revenue, to the most preferred type of film – these insights can effectively gauge the business’s overall health and spotlight areas that may require enhancement.

Tint Wiz extends beyond the traditional realm of window tint software. It acts as a holistic business solution engineered to streamline operations, boost customer engagement, and propel growth in window tinting businesses. It’s user-friendly, efficient, and loaded with potent features that address the unique needs of the window tinting industry. Regardless of your business size, whether a small shop or a multi-location operation, Tint Wiz can notably enhance your productivity and overall business performance.

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