In the creative world of vinyl wrapping, the right CRM can make all the difference. Tint Wiz stands out with its 30-day free trial, offering a no-risk opportunity to experience its time saving and unique features. Read below why this trial is a must-try for your business.

How to Improve Wrap Shop Efficiency

Tint Wiz is uniquely tailored for the vinyl wrapping industry. During the free trial, you’ll witness how it effortlessly aligns with your business, enhancing operational efficiency and profitability. It simplifies project management and client interactions, a must for busy vinyl wrap shops​​​​.

Creating Leads For Vinyl Wrap Businesses

The free trial introduces you to Tint Wiz’s Lead Capture feature, a vital tool for modern marketing strategies in vinyl wrapping. This feature helps you harness the power of digital platforms, turning online engagements into valuable business leads, crucial in today’s visually-driven market​​.

Scheduling CRM Software For Vinyl Wrap Shop

Experience the ease of scheduling with Tint Wiz. The free trial lets you explore its intuitive appointment system, ensuring you manage client meetings and project timelines efficiently, the dashboard is a critical aspect of maintaining high client satisfaction​​​​.

Easy Quoting For Wrap Shop

Accurate quoting is vital in any industry, but for such a competitive industry like vinyl wrapping Tint Wiz’s square foot calculator ensures you provide competitive and precise pricing. Test this feature during the free trial to see how it elevates your quoting process​​.

Inventory Management For Vinyl Wrap Businesses

Get hands-on experience with Tint Wiz’s inventory management during the free trial. This feature is particularly helpful for vinyl wrap businesses dealing with various materials, ensuring optimal stock levels without the hassle of overstocking​​. You can print labels, check material in/out and even weight it for the most accurate inventory you’ve ever had!

How To Grow Vinyl Wrap Business

The free trial gives you access to Tint Wiz’s analytics, offering insights for strategic business decisions. These analytics are crucial for understanding market trends and enhancing operational efficiency in the vinyl wrapping sector​​.


Q: How is Tint Wiz tailored for vinyl wrap businesses?

Tint Wiz offers specialized features for vinyl wrapping, ensuring a perfect fit for the industry’s unique needs​​.

Q: What does the free trial include?

The 30-day trial provides full access to all Tint Wiz features, allowing you to fully explore its potential without any upfront investment​​​​.

Q: Can Tint Wiz improve appointment and quoting processes?

Yes, Tint Wiz streamlines these key business aspects, enhancing efficiency and client relations​​​​​​.

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