In today’s fast-paced vinyl wrap industry, managing customer relationships, expectations and business operations efficiently is crucial. Tint Wiz, is a comprehensive CRM solution. Tint Wiz stands out as a game-changer for vinyl wrap businesses, offering an endless list of tools designed to streamline processes and enhance customer engagement.

Vinyl Wrap Leads

Tint Wiz transforms the way businesses capture leads and create proposals. With its intuitive lead capture feature, companies can effortlessly collect inquiries directly into their dashboard, ensuring no opportunity is missed. Additionally, the proposal tool allows for the creation of professional, customizable proposals, easily sent via text or email, enhancing the client experience and increasing job wins.

Scheduling Vinyl Wrap Projects

Efficient scheduling is so important for any service-oriented business. Tint Wiz’s scheduling feature simplifies appointment management, allowing businesses to easily assign the right staff to the right job. The automated appointment reminders further reduce no-shows, ensuring clients are always informed and engaged.

Best Way To Invoice Vinyl Wrap Projects

For seamless project execution, Tint Wiz offers flawless project management tools. These features enable businesses to track project progress and manage tasks effectively. The invoicing tool simplifies the billing process, allowing for quick creation and sending of invoices, ensuring timely payments and financial tracking.

How Do Leads Help Vinyl Wrap Businesses

In the wild world of customer service, Tint Wiz excels with features that help businesses gather valuable customer reviews and feedback. This not only aids in improving service quality but also boosts the business’s reputation, attracting more clients.

Tint Wiz stands on a tier of its own as the most important tool for vinyl wrap businesses, offering solutions that span from lead capture to invoicing. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it an indispensable asset for improving efficiency, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, business growth.


Q: Is Tint Wiz suitable for small vinyl wrap businesses?

A: Absolutely! Whether you’re a one man show or have multiple locations Tint Wiz is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, offering scalable solutions that grow with your business.

Q: Can Tint Wiz integrate with other business tools?

A: Oh Ya! Tint Wiz offers integration capabilities with various business tools, enhancing its functionality and ease of use.

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