As a window tinting business owner, the operational efficiency of your services is paramount. One such aspect often overlooked but incredibly critical is credit card processing. The process of collecting deposits and handling payments can significantly influence the smooth running of your business. Enter the world of invoicing software like Tint Wiz that simplifies payment processes for window tint and window film companies.

Why Collect Deposits?

The decision to collect a deposit for window tinting services varies from company to company. However, with the high demand for window tinters and the valuable time they offer, collecting deposits is becoming a common practice among automotive and flat glass businesses. It’s a strategy that helps secure your revenue and efficiently manage your time.

Introducing Tint Wiz: The Comprehensive Window Tint Software

In the age of digital solutions, employing a window tint software like Tint Wiz can streamline your payment processes. Tint Wiz is an all-in-one CRM and Project Management App tailored for window tinting businesses. Unlike other generic CRM applications, Tint Wiz focuses on the specific needs of window tinting companies, eliminating unnecessary complications and excess steps.

The Power of Tint Wiz and Stripe Payment Integration

Tint Wiz harnesses the power of Stripe to accept payments on your invoices and deposit payments on your proposals. The checkout system powered by Stripe is not only secure but also compliant, ensuring seamless transactions for your business.

Easy Steps to Set Up Tint Wiz Payments with Stripe

Setting up your Tint Wiz payments account with Stripe is straightforward. First, you need to be on a computer using the OWNER account. If your business has multiple locations with Tint Wiz, switch to the business or location you want to integrate with Stripe. Follow a simple setup and verification process by Stripe, and your payments account will be ready.

Efficient Invoice Payments and Proposal Deposits

Once your payments account is set up and verified, your invoices will automatically have a “PAY NOW” button, facilitating easy invoice payments. Similarly, to request deposits after proposal approval, you can adjust the deposit amount or percentage from the proposal’s “settings.”

When a customer pays the deposit, it will be recorded on the project and deducted when you create the invoice for that project.

Customizing Your Experience with Tint Wiz

Tint Wiz offers additional features that enhance your payment processing experience. These include customizable messages above the “Pay Now” button, “New Payment” notifications, and a special approval message after the customer pays the deposit.

To ensure everything is set up correctly, it’s recommended to test your proposal deposit setup by creating a test project, sending yourself a proposal, and paying the deposit amount.

Efficiently Running a Window Tinting Business

The need for efficiency in running a window tinting business cannot be overstated. With Tint Wiz, you not only enjoy the benefits of an invoicing software specifically designed for your industry, but you also secure your business’s revenue and manage your time effectively. So if you’re on the hunt for a CRM and Project Management App that aligns perfectly with your window tinting business, you’ll love using Tint Wiz.

Take advantage of Tint Wiz today, and experience seamless credit card processing, efficient project management, and enhanced business growth.

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